Pedal De Distorsion Vox V8 Distortion 817205000 Edenlp

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Pedal De Distorsion Vox V8 DISTORTION
TG1-V8DS Tube Stomp

Get authentic tube-fired tone from Vox's Tone Garage V8 Distortion pedal. With a genuine 12AX7 preamp tube at its heart, the V8 Distortion delivers touch-responsive high-gain distortion to any amp. You'll love this heavy, high-gain distortion, especially when you kick on the mid-shift switch for extra definition. Vox's new Hi-Volt technology runs the preamp tube at 200V for maximum tone and response, even on battery power! Add that tube tone and feel you've been missing with the Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion!