Concert Bells Majestic B3525a 2.5 Oct Aluminio C/ Estuche

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Concert Bells Majestic B3525A
 2.5 oct Aluminio c/ estuche

Majestic bells are available in 2.5 octaves with either aluminum or high carbon steel bars. Majestic Orchestra bells feature an innovative single pin mounted bar that produces a brighter and clearer tone, making them the leading choice among musicians. Orchestra model bells also have a deeper wood case that produces tremendous resonance and sustain.

Concert Bells : B3525A
Octave : 2 1/2
Range : G5 - C8
Bar : Aluminium
Bar Sizes : 32 mm
Pitch : A = 442 Hz
Length : 75.6 cm
Width (low end) : 47.8 cm
(high end) : 24.8 cm
Weight: 10 kg